The Streamline Cable Cam was designed with no expenses spared. It was designed to handle heavy loads, to be rugged, and at the same time keeping the weight of the unit as low as possible.The components are made from high grade aluminum. All parts are precision fabricated using the latest technology. The components are then black anodized to get a nice resilliant finish. The Streamline is driven by a powerful motor that provides great torque. The speed controller incorporates many built-in safety features that makes it just about impossible to damage it. The whole set-up is super quite and the only noise is that caused by the wheels moving down the line. The speed controller also incorporates regenerative breaking.



  • Streamline Cable cam form VideoWorx Sweden
  • 1000′ Rope
  • Fatuba Controller (uses AA bats)
  • 2x 6s Lipo Batteries
  • Ratcheting  Comealong Wire & Hooks
  • Tie off Rope
  • Touch Screen Battery Charger
  • 1740 Pelican Case

*REQUIRES  A Ronin2, 1, M, MX, or S for OPERATION!


Technical Specs

  • Dimensions (L,W,H): 970x210x205mm
  • Width 385mm with rods
  • Weight: 3.0Kg without battery
  • Mac payload Tested 15KG
  • Max Speed (Estimated): 50km/hr
  • with recommended 4s Battery
  • Voltage Range: 12-25v (3-6s lipo)
  • Max distance: Depends on rigging
  • Max inclination (@max payload): 10%
  • Endurance (depending on payload etc):
  • Approximately 60 mins
  • Max cable Diameter: 10mm


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